After you have setup an Amazon EC2 instance run the following command in your terminal window:

apt-get install tinyproxy

In the Amazon AWS console, go to ‘Security Groups’ and select the security group that you will be using for your instance. Click edit and ‘Add Rule’. Make a Customer TCP Rule that has a port range of 888 and a source of anywhere.

Add a custom TCP rule

In your terminal windows edit the tiny proxy configuration file with:

nano /etc/tinyproxy.conf

In the tinyproxy.conf file change the port value to 888 from 8888. You can find where a line is with the command

ctrl + w

Before closing the tinyproxy.conf file find the lines that say Allow and write a line that says: Allow your IP address. Visit to find your IP address. If your IP address was the line should read:


To close and save the configuration file, press:

CTRL + X then Y

You can then start to use your proxy server as you wish. To change the IP address of the server, simply click STOP on the server and then start it again. Make sure you are not browsing with the proxy server in your browser settings when you stop the proxy, you won’t be able to view web pages. To fix this, simply unselected the ‘use a proxy’ option in your browser settings.

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