Notepad++ is a popular text editor with tons of useful features and plugins to extend its functionality. A plugin called NppCrypt will help you to encrypt text files using notepad++. There will be times when you need to hide your selected text or text files from preying eyes, so lets see how to do the encryption part with Notepad++.

First of all you will need to download and install Notepad++.

After installing open Notepad++, open the plugin manager by going to:
Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager

The Notepad++ plugin manager that will appear

Select NppCrypt from the plugin list and click the install button below to install it. After installing NppCrypt, restart Notepad++.

To encrypt the selected text, open the text file with notepad++ and select the text you want to encrypt then go to:
Plugins > NppCrypt > Encrypt

a small dialogue box will open, in that select the cipher you want to use and enter a strong password, finally click the ok button to encrypt.
If you want to encrypt the entire text file, do the same process as above but without selecting any text. To decrypt, open the encrypted text file and go to:
Plugins > NppCrypt > Decrypt.