How to

Get one year of VPN access for free

Only three days left. This post was written on the 12th of October 2015.

Step 1: Go to

Note:¬† keeps going down. I’m guessing its because of their high level of traffic. If you can’t get on straight away, keep trying.

Step 2: Choose the plan that says Total VPN (VPN + SmartDNS). It will be the $5.83/month paid yearly $7.95/mo billed monthly plan.

Step 3: Select the 12 month plan and click checkout.

Step 4: Enter the coupon ‘KOMPUTERSWIAT’ and click ‘Apply Code’.


Step 5: Fill in the account details and select ‘Bitcoin’ as your payment in the payment options. Click the ‘Go to payment’ button and you will be sent an email. You won’t be prompted for any payment information, you will just be sent your account details and instructions on how to use the service.