10 Internet business ideas that you could start right now

Online business ideas that you can start instantly

It’s easy to see the appeal of making money online, you can work from home, there seems to be no limits and its often a passive source of income. In a recent post about internet business training, I discussed where you can start your online training. In this post I will discuss possible ways for you to start making money online. The best part is, you can start right now.

  1. Grow an Instagram account
  2. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks around. Unlike other networks, the amount of followers you have seems to directly correlate with your offline popularity. Growing an account of your own can be hard going, but you can start today. I have grown a fair few Instagram accounts over the last couple of years, the biggest is currently sitting around 10k followers, with at least five around 2k. While 10 000 followers may not seem that impressive, it didn’t take much time or effort at all. There is a wrong way and a right way to grow Instagram accounts.

    The wrong way – While it may be tempting to sit there on your phone and follow some celebrities you like, upload a picture here and there, it won’t get you any followers. I’ve seen it before and I can guarantee that it doesn’t work. Why would a celebrity follow you back? You’re just one of a couple of million other people that follow them.

    The right way – Growing an Instagram account the right way isn’t about enjoying the user experience. It’s about automating as much of the process as possible, choosing a niche and sticking to a niche. Typically Instagram accounts that are large and not associated with a celebrity contain niche specific images. Not only do these accounts grow much faster, they are much more attractive to businesses in that niche that will want to purchase shoutouts. Get a list of other accounts that are in that niche, follow that comment on their hashtags. These users are generally less likely to be fake, therefore getting a larger number of followers from the users that you follow. You can automate the process with tools such as FollowLiker. I’ve used this tool to grow all my accounts and I’ve not had one banned yet. Having said that, do be prepared to lose accounts here and there, its all part of the game.

  3. Grow a Facebook fan page
  4. Growing a Facebook fan page simply isn’t what it used to be. Its much harder now than it was and there are more pages out there, making yours less valuable. Having said that, a large page in the right niche can always be monetized. I’ve grown several Facebook fan pages since 2010, some succeeded and most failed. Niche selection is critical here, choosing a niche that has shareable content is a must. Growing pages of adult related content, while possible is extremely difficult. Nobody is going to share a picture of a hot blond on Facebook where grandma can see it. They are much more likely to share a video of a dog doing the ‘happy dance’.

    Getting your page started with fake likes is going to help kick-start the process. Fill the page with loads of quality content and then use a service such as addmefast to get your first 5 000 and then follow it up by posting in Facebook groups. You can buy Facebook accounts, add friends and invite them to like the page. Most of the mundane tasks associated with growing a Facebook page can also be automated.

  5. Grow a Twitter account
  6. Twitter is currently one of my favorite social networks. Growing Twitter accounts has been fairly easy for a couple of years now and it remains so. Like all social networks, choose a niche and stick to it. Post high quality content regularly, three to four times per day and follow followers of other large accounts. FollowLiker has a Twitter version is is extremely easy to use and will grow your account by 100 each day while you sleep. Twitter isn’t too ‘ban-happy’ like other social networks (Tumblr) and so you can get pretty aggressive with your follow/unfollow.

    Monetize your large Twitter accounts with affiliate products, or your own website. I like to make white-label websites and a Twitter account to go with them. I grow the Twitter account and promote the white-label website.

  7. Start selling your possessions online
  8. Chances are you have a whole heap of stuff that you never use laying around the house. Listing these products on eBay is a good way to get rid of them and earn a bit of extra cash. Books are a great thing to start selling online, there is a good chance that you have a heap of them that you’ve read, or meant to read. Everyone loves a second hand book and you can get some good money for them.

    After you sell all your possessions, look for a supplier online for an item that you’d like to continue selling. There are plenty of Chinese suppliers that can be found through Aliexpress or Alibaba.

  9. Build a squeeze page
  10. This is one of my favorite internet business ideas. It combines my love of making websites with my passion for making money online. I like to build my squeeze pages with pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript using Bootstrap. The process is extremely simple, the user lands on the page and enters their email address. They are send a message via an autoresponser that contains your affiliate link. Not only do you have the opportunity for them to purchase the products from your autoresponser message, you build an email list. To capture email addresses and set up an autoresponder, I use GetResponse. After signing up to GetResponse, you will get a 30 day free trial, more than enough time to make some money.

    Sample squeeze page that captures emails.

    Sample squeeze page that captures emails.

    To promote the squeeze page, join Facebook groups and post your link in them. You can also automate this process with Ninja Blaster. You can get a three day trial for Ninja Blaster and every 30 days after that it is $9.99.

  11. Build a micro niche site
  12. A niche website is a small site that focuses on a very specific topic. The idea is that you choose a sub-section of a topic and focus on the main keyword. The website may have a main article and about ten supporting articles. These sites are usually fast to make and rank. However, Exact match Domains (EMD) don’t have the same advantage as they once did. Ranking these website is now harder and choosing the right keywords is more critical than ever.

    A micro niche website is perfect for the entrepreneur that has some SEO experience and knows how to write high quality content about the topic. If you are brand new to internet marketing, chances are that you will not have any success with your first couple of attempts. Micro niche websites need a high amount of traffic to be profitable and if you choose the wrong keyword, you won’t get the traffic that you need.

  13. Build an authority site
  14. Building an authority website is not unlike a micro niche website, only bigger. These websites are characterized by their size and can be extremely expensive to start. However, you can always start by producing your own content to reduce costs. An authority website chooses a large topic and breaks it down into sub-sections with sets of articles. For example, we have had an authority website that is about ‘women’s fitness’. The website will then be broken down into categories such as ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’. Each category will then be broken down into sets of articles.

    The key to starting an authority website is again, keyword research. If you are entering a saturated market, such as women’s fitness, you are going to have a hard time ranking for the shorter keywords with massive search volume. You will need some ‘quick wins’ and these will come from long tail keywords. The perfect tool for this is, of course, Longtail pro. Not only is this tool extremely well priced, but it will return a set of keywords and phrases that you can easily rank for within minutes. Its these phrases that are going to get you your much needed ‘quick wins’.

  15. Build a dropship website
  16. E-commerce is probably one of the most exciting industries to be involved in. The fact that you can start your own shop and sell items without having to rent a shop front is why so many people love the idea. However, e-commerce isn’t always what you expect. For some reason, there are many people that get into the industry and expect that all it takes is a website. While that might be a good place to start, it’s not going to be enough for making any money.

    E-commerce is hard work, but can be extremely rewarding. Before you start, make sure you’re willing to put the money and effort into finding a supplier and marketing your website. If there is one tip that I can’t stress enough, it is: Choose your supplier wisely. I’ve seen it far too many times, someone gets into bed with the first person they find and wonders why they can’t compete with the competition. Its because the competition spends countless hours researching drop ship suppliers and comparing them. No one is going to give you this information, you have to do the research yourself.

  17. Sell your SEO services
  18. If you have a skill, any skill, you can monetize it. If you have any knowledge about SEO, you can monetize it. There are allot of platforms, from Fiverr to your local newspaper that will give you the chance to market your skills and find potential clients. Before you sell SEO services, especially if you are going to be selling them online, choose a specific subset to specialize in. If you know how to build web 2.0 profiles, make that your specialty, if you are good at writing content, make that your specialty.

    Selling services offline will always fetch a higher price than online. However, starting off with Fiverr is always a good idea. You can get to know what the customer expects and what problems may arise. If you are selling services offline at a premium price, the customer will expect that it’s not your first rodeo.

  19. Execute a brilliant idea
  20. Not all ideas are brilliant, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said “most people will only have one brilliant idea in their lifetime”. The good news is hat even a good idea can make you money online. Executing your ideas has never been easier. When eBay started, their start-up costs were much higher than Facebook’s. Infrastructure has become so cheap that you can start what could be the next Facebook by renting a server for $30/ month and writing the code.

    The only two pieces of advice for executing a brilliant idea is to know the technology and be persistent. I’ve seen people with no understanding of the technology dump huge amounts of money into a project that was destined for failure. Don’t become complacent in learning and think “I can just hire someone for that”, you can’t. Your ideas will be better and finer tuned if you understand the technology that you’re working with. That does for every aspect of running a business online.

Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about.
– Ashleigh Brilliant